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Updated: April  15, 2021

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If you wish to use our photos, recipes, or articles from the WeCivitas website, please contact us first at info@wecivitas.com. Include the name of your website/blog, the url, and your intended use. 

At WeCivitas we are very protective of our community. Ad space may be purchased on the website, but any company featured on WeCivitas.com must align with our mission and core values. For more information on how to buy ad space on WeCivitas, contact us at info@WeCivitas.com.

Of course! You can CLICK HERE to submit an article. And you can CLICK HERE to submit a recipe. 

If you wish to become a sponsor of WeCivitas, contact us at info@WeCivitas.com and we will provide you information. 

If you wish to have your products featured on WeCivitas.com, contact us at info@WeCivitas.com for information on how to get featured. Please provide the product’s description, your website, and share how your product/business aligns with our core mission. 

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